February 27, 2019

February 27 
Hi All!  We are waiting for Pastors Shanthkumar & Jane to pick us up so I thought I would give an update of the last several days.  We had a great time in the Lord in Cambodia with Pastor Bala and the ministry and fellowship time spent with him and his leaders.  PJ preached a really good message on Sunday.  We headed back to Phnom Phen in the afternoon and went to a nice restaurant for dinner.  We had pizza and it was actually pretty good!  Our flight was set for Monday at 9pm so we spent the day with Pastor Bala and Tong (who interpreted for us and worked very hard and he is a lot of fun with a huge heart) before our flight, making different stops at their school and children’s home, praying for many, trusting the Lord for many miracles.  It is never an easy thing to say goodbye to friends in the Lord whether it be home or halfway around the earth!  
We were to fly three different airlines and end up in Pune, India at 6:30 a.m. on Tuesday morning.  Well that didn’t work out as the itinerary stated.  The line for security in Bangkok was incredibly long with many impatient people from all over the world…We had to run to make our plane before the doors closed and then it was a two hour wait!  Because we were two hours late and our luggage was to be picked up in New Delhi (they wouldn’t put it through to Pune), there were two people with a sign with our names on it, waiting for us in Delhi.  They didn’t want us to pick up our luggage and we literally jogged from the international port to the national port with a lot of people around and it was 330 a.m.  (Delhi has over 18 million people in it - not that they were all at the airport but just to put things in perspective for you.)  Of course we missed our flight and they couldn’t get us on the next several and we had no clue where our luggage was.  The girl said they would deliver it in a few days and of course, I said, “no way!” so the guy promised to get it to us.  The girl disappeared and the young man stayed with us fighting (people are loud, aggressive and argue a lot in India – probably because of the population) to get us on a flight.  He finally secured a “stand-by” for 4:10 pm that afternoon and offered to put us up in a hotel of which we finally got to at about 830 a.m. so that we could sleep for a few hours.  Right before that happened, he found our luggage and brought it to us.  I had alerted my OHA and they prayed in agreement.  Thank you!
We showered and slept.  We were supposed to eat breakfast and lunch at the hotel but we were just too tired.  We headed back to the airport at 1:30 pm and they said since we weren’t confirmed on any flights we just had to wait so we waited and waited and waited and…finally at 3:20 pm, they gave us seats on the 4:10 pm plane.  Of course we had to go through security and…they made Jason take out all of his cords, power adapters, pens, etc. besides his computer as they consider them electronic (mine went through without a problem).  They kept scanning everything and held his carry on where it could not be reached.  This took 20-30 minutes.  He was still there and I went and looked for which gate we were supposed to depart from (it was not on our tickets) – it was now almost time for the flight to depart…so I went to the gate right before they closed the door (thank You Lord, they were a bit late) and told the attendant my husband was on his way.  PJ got there about 5 minutes later but they held the plane and we were off and finally arrived in Pune at 6:00 pm where we were greeting by Pastor Shanthkumar with a very big smile on his face!  He drove us to our hotel where Jane was and surprised us with a beautiful bouquet of red roses in a basket.  (I will take a picture.)  We had a nice dinner together downstairs of where we are staying and got a great night’s sleep with today being a rest day.  
We have been doing laundry all day as the dryer takes twice to dry the load and the loads have to be fairly small.  It’s nice that we have a key to a laundry room, they give us detergent and it’s all included with our room as well as our breakfasts.  We did walk along a main street here called MG (remember Beanie?).  We also took rickshaws to and from.  We are waiting for Pastor and Jane to pick us up and take us to the store (we have a mini kitchen) and dinner.  We thought that was to be at 4 and it is now 5:25 pmJ.  There’s the phone so I’ll be back!
Just got back from being with Pastor and Jane and we walked through shops, had dinner and we are back at “home” for 5 more nights.  I don’t know if you have seen or read the news but apparently India bombed a terrorist compound in Pakistan so the Pakistani’s took out two of their planes today.  Because of this they closed the Delhi airport which means if we hadn’t made the flight yesterday afternoon, we would be stuck in New Delhi.  Have I said lately how great our God is to us?  
So this is a pretty good catch-up for the past few days.  Tomorrow eve we will drive for a while and PJ will minister at a bible study at someone’s home.  Pastor Shanthkumar informed me that I will be doing several sessions for the women in the upcoming week.  Thank You Lord that You know what they need to grow in You and You will prepare me!
 Love you!  Until next time!

Leviticus 1-2
1 Leviticus in its entirety shows that God is holy and requires holy people.  This is stated in the New Testament also.  Also, Leviticus teaches that blood sacrifice is required for the atonement of sin.  Of course, this ALL points to the only perfect, unblemished Lamb of God, Yeshua Messiah!  He died so we can live.
Leaven symbolized sin.  Salt is symbolic of a preserver, as God’s Covenant with His people is preserved.  It has not changed.  
Psalms 103 
As we prayed over people in Cambodia for healing, I asked them to read this Psalm and speak it over themselves.  It is one of my favorites for it declares how wonderful my God is to me and how His benefits (rewards/good news) can never be forgotten but instead remembered continuously!  
1Bless the LORD, O my soul, and all that is within me, bless his holy name!
1 Corinthians 14
Prophecy should always encourage, build up and console!  Whatever gifting we have it should build up the church and never tear it down.  
12So with yourselves, since you are eager for manifestations of the Spirit, strive to excel in building up the church.
This is why it is so very important for those who know how to operate in the prophetic and tongues with interpretation to do so in the church!  If you want to interpret, just pray and receive!  I was only months in the Lord when I was shown this scripture and received!  Once again, all things are to build up the people of the church.  
You have to understand the context of society and culture in which Paul was writing about women here.  He had women leaders.  Men sat in one place and women in another at the Temple.  It was not appropriate to yell to where the husband was seated to ask him a question if the woman lacked understanding.  Women were treated worse than dogs in most cultures and our Lord Yeshua set them free (Woman at the well, Mary & Martha, Mary Magdalene the women who supported Him, to mention some).  The devil has continued to rise up against women in so many aspects.  Don’t get me wrong – God has an order to everything and the order is that husbands ARE the head of the households to those who are married.  Yet, we are also told to submit to one another.  Bottom line: 40 But all things should be done decently and in order.  God is God of peace and NEVER chaos!
Meditate & Apply: Everything in the Word points to what our Lord Yeshua did at the Cross and His resurrection, EVERYTHING!  There is nothing complicated about it.  Any manifestation of the Spirit should be to edify.  It is the devil and evil hearted people that tear down, never God.  God speaks truth.  God expects order and not chaos.  Yes, in love, we are to expound to the people on the blessings and cursings in the Word so people have the truth when they choose or don’t choose our wonderful Lord!  


Whitney McCarthy - February 27th, 2019 at 1:22pm

So thankful you got to where you were supposed to be. May the gifts of the Spirit continue to flow and bring the people there all they need. Praying for your strength and safety and future traveling mercies.

Beanie - February 28th, 2019 at 12:53pm

I do remember..I also remember a woman chasing us down. I loved being caught up on your trip...wow..travel..God is awesome and am glad to hear that you made the plane. New Delhi sounds crazy busy. Yes, God only ever builds people up..sooo thankful for his love, grace and mercy.

Robin T. Morisawa - March 2nd, 2019 at 11:53pm

Praise God! Yes! He is good! Amen! and Amen!

Thank You, Lord, for making a way when there seemed to be no other way. Yes, God is Love. His gifts are to promote His love. I didn't realize the men and women sat separately, but I knew there was something in the historical context that I didn't really know about. God is certainly a God of order! Amen!

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