March 6, 2019

March 6    
Great meetings at the men's camp (some wives there also) yesterday!  I opened the session with an exhortation from Galatians 2:20 and then PJ ministered at the 2 morning sessions and Pastor Shanthkumar at the evening one.  Very good ministry led by the Spirit!  The same schedule goes for today.

Leviticus 12-13 

12 Regarding circumcision on the 8th day: this is the day the clotting factor is in full force for a baby.  This means that with the procedure of circumcision, there won’t be a “bleed out”.  God is so good in everything He does with us always first and foremost in His heart!  
Joseph and Mary brought turtledoves which means they didn’t have enough money to purchase a lamb at the birth of Lord Yeshua.  
13 All of us were “leprous” with sin BUT GOD! who cleansed us from all unrighteousness through the cross!
Psalms 113-114       
113 Lord, You are to continually be praised!  Thank You that You made this barren woman the mother of many children!
114 The honest fear of the Lord brings wonderful things to the life of the Believer, supernatural things above and beyond what we could possibly think or imagine!
John 5 

This man never asked the Lord to heal him yet the Lord chose him and did heal him.  He never even answered the Lord’s question and the Lord still healed him.  A person does not have to be Born-Again to receive healing.  Sometimes it gets their attention to draw them to our Lord.  Led by the Spirit, we can pray for people to receive healing whether a Believer or not, for the glory of God!  
How wonderful that I can not only call God my Father but I can even call Him Abba, my Daddy!  
I must by the Spirit, do the things I see the Father doing as my Lord Yeshua exampled for His disciples.  Believing in our Lord (really believing) takes us from death to life!  Doing the works of the Father bears witness that we are the sent ones of Lord Yeshua.  Every single part of the Scripture must be believed for it is God’s Word.  
Meditate & Apply: Everything the Lord does is for my best interest!  I was made righteous at the Cross of my Lord Yeshua by His death and resurrection.  Fearing You Lord brings blessing to my life!  I am grateful that I can call my God, Abba!  I went from death to eternal life when I truly trusted my God.  There is no fence sitting to be either hot or cold in my trust.  My Lord makes this very clear in Revelation.  I either completely trust my God or I don’t.  I choose to trust You Lord for it is very clear that all of Your promises are truly yes and amen and Your Word does not return void but it accomplishes exactly what You set it out to accomplish and it is impossible for You to lie, Hallelujah!


Rhonda - March 13th, 2019 at 5:17pm

Thank you Pastor Terry and PJ for keeping us informed of this incredible trip.

I am praying for powerful anointing with the preaching of God’s Word, also that throughout this trip many hearts open and receive.

Love always, Rhonda

- March 20th, 2019 at 1:06pm

I have finally got up on the postings. Love you and hope to see you soon!





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