March 12, 2019

March 12  
We just had lunch with Pastor Shanthkumar (Jane is receiving a healing) and are now very early at the airport.  We have another hour before the gates open and several hours before we board but we didn’t want to hold Pastor up.  We did the online check-in and are praying our luggage will go through to Phnom Penh as we change airlines along the way.  We get in early morning and fly out evening time for South Korea where we get in early morning again and fly back to Hawaii in the evening.  We will get some sleep in-between during the long days.  
Leviticus 20      
I read this about the children and I can’t help but think about the evil on our earth with abortion (especially now!) and the sex trade.  Lord, help!  This is such an atrocity!  We cannot stop praying and being a voice for these children!

Psalms 119:129-176 
Thank You Lord that though I be simple, You impart light and understanding to me from all of Your Word.  I LOVE YOUR NAME!  

140Your promise is well tried, and your servant loves it. 
Great is Your mercy, my Lord!  I am truly in awe of You, my God!  Thank You for Your great peace upon me through all eternity.  Let me meditate upon all of Your Word for You alone are the Word of Truth.
John 11
The timing of my Lord is perfect!  I say, “Yes Lord, I believe You are Messiah, the Son of God.”  I think the Lord wept because He truly understood the pain grief causes to loved ones and we brought this on ourselves through sin.

Meditate & Apply: Intercessory prayer and a nation wide revival must come so that are young ones are protected from the evil against them on this earth.  I am amazed how people value animals more than a child.  I love the Word and the Name of my Lord!  Your promises NEVER fail me!  I can meditate Your Word because it is in my heart and on my mind.  Keep it there my God.  There isn't anything You don't know about each of Your created humans and yet Your love and mercy never fail us!

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