March 13, 2019

March 13
We flew last night from Pune, India to Delhi, India to Bangkok, Thailand and then to Phnom Penh, Cambodia where we slept at a hotel for about 5 hours, had dinner and headed back to the airport for our next night flight.  The flight is from Phnom Penh to South Korea where we will once again sleep during the day and then head home.  
Leviticus 21

God expects holiness because He is a holy God.  I believe the laws in this chapter were intended to show us how unholy humans are because of sin and what an incredibly holy God we serve.  Thanks be to our God for our Lord Yeshua, our high and holy Priest!  
Psalms 120-124
120 My Lord hears and answers me when I call Him from any distressful situation.  Every human needs to ask the Lord for deliverance from a lying and deceitful tongue for even without the scripture that says we all lie, we all know that this is truth!
121 My help always comes from my Lord!  He knows what I need for He created everything!  He never sleeps but always has me in His view!  He keeps me from ALL evil!  
122 Yes, I love to go to You in Israel, my God!  I must go to give thanks to You there!  
6 Pray for the peace of Jerusalem! “May they be secure who love you!  7 Peace be within your walls and security within your towers!”
123 My eyes look to You for You provide me with mercy.  
124 Because You Lord are on my side, I am free from harm and evil according to Your Word that is truth and only truth, my God!  My help is in You, Your Name and Your Word for You are Truth!
John 12
There are times to give unto the Lord and times to give to the poor.  It is important to discern.  The devil always looks for opportune times.  Lazarus was also a target but the enemy has no power over the Lord’s people unless they give him the power.  I will die on my assigned day by God and not a second before or after.  How exciting it must have been when the Lord came into town.  How exciting it will be when it is time for me to be caught up in the air to Him!  Anyone can come to the Lord if they will to truly serve Him.  Those who truly serve Him are then called His friends as the scripture says.  Lord, I do believe that You are the Light of the world.  Without You there is utter darkness.  Signs do not bring people to salvation yet they do get their attention.  Ministry must be based on discipleship and not signs because seeing signs are not enough as is obvious with the Israelites who had seen the greatest of signs.  Signs are to draw people’s attention to the Lord but our work only begins once they are drawn.  Lord, please continue to raise up and bring leaders to Kona Faith Center to be trained for the great harvest coming very soon! Lord, I beseech you with all of my being to NEVER ALLOW me or PJ to love the glory of people more than the glory of You, NEVER, EVER!  ALL who have done this have fallen away from You.  The Word of God will judge all people.  
Meditate & Apply: Thank You Lord that You are holy and make us holy because of the price You paid at the cross.  Don’t lie about anything.  This is not easy as we may think but truly, we don’t have to.  Let my yes be yes and my no be no, Lord.  I must completely depend on You for help and should not speak until You tell me what to say, first!  You keep me from evil because You are my Helper and You are Truth!  I just must stick so close to You my God like an opihi on a rock!  The money I have is God’s so it is truly up to Him when and where it should be spent.  Help me get better with this, Father.  Lord, we must love Your glory continuously and never allow the glory of man to become greater in our lives!  Keep us humble, yes at all cost so we never go there!  

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