March 14, 2019

March 14  
Today is “Ground Hog” day for us.  We will experience March 14th here and then again at home.  We “lost” a day flying to Asia because of crossing the International Dateline and now we get it back.  We fly all night again, this time from South Korea to Honolulu to Kona!

Leviticus 22      
Offerings to the Lord are holy and must be treated as such and not nonchalantly.  Again, it is to show us how holy God is and if not for the blood of Messiah, we were those that were not acceptable to our God.  Thank You Lord Yeshua that You made us acceptable!
Psalms 125-127
125 I cannot be moved for I trust in You my God.  Do good to me my God as I walk in Your ways.  Correct me when correction is needed so I walk in Your ways.  Help me my God because apart from You I am not able.  
126 It is my God who restores fortunes to me and though I started with weeping, I have returned in Your joy for the joy of You is my strength and the wealth of the sinner is truly laid up for Your just!  
127 Lord, thank You that You are the Builder of Kona Faith Center!  Show us how to do every single thing as You showed Moses how to build Your Tabernacle and Temple. Thank You for my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren that everyone serves You for as for we and our house, we will serve our Lord and Savior, Yeshua!
John 13
I believe as our Lord knew His hour of departure from this world, my Father will also reveal my hour to me.  Servanthood is what pleases my Lord.  He has anointed us all to serve in different ways, yet serve as He has appointed, we must.  Service changes over time for some yet for some their particular service remains.  It is up to each individual to serve where the Lord says to serve and never lose heart.  Your will Father, not mine!  Betrayal always troubles ones spirit.  It is interesting to me that no one knew who would betray the Lord even though He told them plainly.  Lord, keep my paying attention to You at all times so I don’t miss what You are telling me.
Meditate & Apply: If not for the price my Lord paid at the Cross, I would not be holy before my God and could not get in His Presence.  I must depend on my God continuously so that I can truly live in a way that pleases Him.  Walking rightly with my God means I am completely and abundantly taken care of for my entire life on earth and through eternity.  I must serve where the Lord has called me.  My service has changed over the years.  In this season of my life I am to pastor.  I think PJ and I have served in almost every ministry (not worship) between the two of us over the years but His anointing is clear in this season.  We are to pastor here and pastor when He sends us out and He does send us out.  We are to lend a hand but we are not to be the ministry of helps or any other ministry that would interfere with us obeying the voice of our God.  Thank You Lord for raising up leaders and workers wherever they are needed!  Thank You Lord for letting each person know their own call and that they are obedient to it for Your glory!

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