March 16, 2019

March 16  
We have been making it until about 8-8:30 pm before we are ready for sleep.  Our bodies are still adjusting to the time changes from the trip and we are certainly praising the Lord that when we do lay our heads down, we sleep soundly.  Today is Bill Parker’s Life Celebration.  

Leviticus 24
If we put people to death for blasphemy there would be so many fewer people on this earth!  Sin shows itself and all will one day be before the Judgement Seat of Messiah…
Psalms 131-134
131 It is good to have a calm and quiet soul!
The Lord’s Name is forever upon Israel.  
133 Unity amongst the brethren pleases the Lord (and is a great witness to others).
134 Bless the Lord for He blesses me from Zion!
John 15 
Pruning may not feel good yet its outcome is far and away the best thing for me, so prune away Lord!  Abiding in my Lord is the only way I can bear anything good for it all comes from Him.  As I abide in my God, I can ask and He will answer, guaranteed!  How wonderful is it Lord that I can actually abide in You and Your love?  And it’s a good thing Lord since You command me to love others just as You love me!  It is such an incredible thing that You call those who are obedient to Your Word that is not burdensome, Your friends!  Being concerned if people who hate God, hate me is ridiculous.  My God will deal with evil and it will be wiped out so I cannot allow myself to be bothered with the foolishness of the world!  I guess that I am truly blessed in that I really don't care if evil hates me!
Meditate & Apply: There is no hiding from the consequences of sin so I must walk continuously in the Presence of my God.  Keep calm and quiet in my soul as it is the winning way in this life.  I am thankful for the unity at church yet this is something that must always be worked at and preserved.  No whining about the Lord pruning me because it makes me more like Him and is always for the benefit of others and even myself!  I am to love as Lord Yeshua has loved me without excuse and without holding any of God’s love back no matter what.  Thank You Lord for calling me Your friend as I abide in You.  So what if the world hates me.  It means I truly love my God.

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