March 8, 2019

March 8    
Had breakfast with Pastor Shanthkumar and then met in Miraj to see the new church building, community center.  It’s amazingly beautiful!  It will be used for Pastor Bhaskar’s (sp?) church and also to rent out to bring income in for the ministries in this area under New Life Ministries.  This is what the Lord had us give the rest of the funds towards that the people so generously gave back in September at Give Aloha at Sack N Save!  The building is 3 stories tall.  They need about $50,000 more to complete it but it so very close and the Lord has provided for this building thus far.  This was a complete walk of faith!  They started with nothing but believed God and in three years they have accomplished so much and almost all of the funds have come in locally with great sacrifices being made, like people putting their expensive jewelry in the offering bucket!  It totally got me inspired about our own building!  We serve such a mighty God!  It is Friday afternoon here and we will be picked up in about 90 minutes as PJ is preaching at a church tonight.
Leviticus 15
I keep thinking of the women that were healed and especially the one who bled for 12 years.  This whole time she was unclean, where she laid, where she sat, wherever she went.  What relief she received when our Lord healed her!
Psalms 117-118        
117 Praise the Lord!  His steadfast love towards us is great and His faithfulness toward us is eternal!  Praise the Lord!
118 Our Lord’s steadfast love endures forever and this in plenty to give thanks for!  The Lord answers me and takes me out of distress!  
17 I shall not die, but I shall live, and recount the deeds of the LORD. 
This scripture has tremendous value for me as it has brought me great comfort as I did not die but lived and can and do recount the deeds of my Lord!

29 Oh give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; for his steadfast love endures forever!
John 7
These “leaders” didn’t know that the Lord was born exactly where the Scripture said He would be born.  It is so important to truly know something before spouting off at the mouth!  We know what it is like to have family rise against you because of one’s walk with the Lord.  I always think it must have been difficult for the siblings who were of a natural mindset understanding because our Lord had a spiritual mindset and truly knew Father God.  
Meditate & Apply: I cannot bring what is “unclean” into the Presence of my God and don’t want to!  I am grateful we live in the spirit of the law and not the letter but there still must be understanding of living righteously.  God’s love and faithfulness is greater than any definition of it could ever bring.  That’s right!  I shall live and not die and speak whenever possible about the countless deeds of my God in my life!  I must have the correct information prior to coming up with any conclusions!

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