April 7, 2019

April 7
I have been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me. And the life I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me. Galatians 2:20 ESV
Numbers 24-25 

It pleases the Lord for Israel to be blessed.  
9b...Blessed are those who bless you, and cursed are those who curse you.
Sin cannot be in the camp (house) of God and has to be dealt with.  He is Holy therefore His House (Church) is to be holy!  Phinehas reaped blessing from God not only for himself but for his future family because his heart was after God’s heart in confronting the sin and staying the plague amongst the people.  Thank You Lord Yeshua that You have stayed the plague from amongst us and delivered us from our sin by paying the price at the Cross.  We cannot turn a blind eye to sin.  Our Lord payed too great of a price!
Proverbs 17 
Steer clear of those in strife.  Love breaks bondage apart.  
22 A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.
27 Whoever restrains his words has knowledge, and he who has a cool spirit is a man of understanding.  28 Even a fool who keeps silent is considered wise; when he closes his lips, he is deemed intelligent.

 Lord, this is such great advice so help me to live this one every day.
 Galatians 3
 My flesh perfects absolutely nothing.  I am saved by the intentional grace of God upon me only.  Works of the flesh never brings salvation.  Hearing by faith brings the miraculous to my life.  It is this faith, this truly believing God, that brings the righteousness of Messiah upon me.  Faith in Lord Yeshua Messiah brings the promise of the Holy Spirit to me, nothing else.  Everything in the Law points to Yeshua so those who claim to live by the Law and don’t place their trust in Him have broken the very Law they think they depend on for salvation.  Breaking even one part of the Law is sin and this is of course (faith in Lord Yeshua), the most important part of the Law!    
 28 There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave[g] nor free, there is no male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.  29 And if you are Christ's, then you are Abraham's offspring, heirs according to promise.
 Meditate & Apply: Known sin within the Body of Believers must be confronted, not in a legalistic way but in a way to lead the people back to the Truth of the Word.  Love covers a multitude of sin!  I must at times be quiet because a response would be foolish in those times.  It seems lately I have had to do more of this as I watch people choosing what seems good to them.  Legalism is foolish and never saves a soul yet I cannot use the grace of God for my own way.  I am completely saved by the grace of God who has enabled me to place my trust in Him.  


Whitney McCarthy - April 8th, 2019 at 1:50pm

Amen, yes help us choose our word

Beanie - April 10th, 2019 at 10:19pm

Yes, Love does break bondages apart...amen...





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