May 11, 2019

May 11
We had a great time in Hilo with Pastor Gail and her Women for Jesus Luncheon.  It was a good message from Gerry Martin and fun seeing old friends and meeting new ones!  The prophetic went forth over several of the Kona women.  
Deuteronomy 28 

Obey the voice of my God and be blessed in every area of my life!  I must be careful to do them and turn not aside for His Word.  On the other hand, if I refuse His voice then I would be cursed.  I choose life.  I choose Yeshua, my Messiah!
Song of Solomon 8 
I find it interesting and think this is the third time there is a warning not to stir up love until due season.  God is really making this point!  No one should settle for anyone less than who God has for them!  Hormones are not love.  Love is a lifelong commitment, not for selfish gain.  
2 Timothy 3
By this list of behavior and character in the last days, we are certainly moving closely in that direction.  Lord, we need a national revival.  We need it right here in Kona, on the Island, in our State, in our Nation and everywhere the Gospel is preached.  I beseech You Lord for this.
Meditate & Apply:
Obey God – Be blessed.  Don’t obey – be cursed.  Love is an action, a lifelong commitment.  If not willing to make this commitment, it is not love.  Revive us oh Lord and we will be revived.


Robin T. Morisawa - May 13th, 2019 at 10:14am

I had a great time, too!

Yes. If it is repeated, it is important. So, true about love being a lifelong commitment.

Don't grow weary doing good!

Whitney McCarthy - May 13th, 2019 at 1:31pm

Yes Lord, please send revival to our land and nation.





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