August 9, 2019

August 9
1 Kings 3
It pleases God when we ask for His wisdom to discern between good and evil.  Once I get the wisdom of God, I must choose to live by it.  The proper response when the Lord answers my request is to give Him an offering.  When I ask God for something, I will have an opportunity to use it so that He can be glorified and show others His Word has come to pass.

Jeremiah 30
God is my restorer and healer!  More prophecy about our Lord Yeshua coming forth from Israel. 

This is speak to you my friends as is stated in Jude, 2 May mercy, peace, and love be multiplied to you.”
I am grateful that my faith can be built up because of the indwelling of You, Holy Spirit.  I am to help those who doubt in the Lord and show them how He is real, for the Lord has been merciful to me so I must show mercy.  All praise and honor are for You, Lord. 

Meditate & Apply: Ask for wisdom from God in faith (See Book of James) and then live by it for it to succeed.  Use answered requests for God’s glory.  Tithes are defined.  Offerings are not, so I need to pay attention to “why” I am giving them and not just give them because I know I should.  God restores and heals me!  We have such wonderfully blessed gifts from the Lord: mercy, peace and love in multiplication!  I never want to be without the Holy Spirit!  God is so merciful to me so I must pay it forward with others, never taking His mercy for granted. 

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Robin T. Morisawa - August 14th, 2019 at 9:36am

Once I get the wisdom of God, I must choose to live by it. = SO TRUE!





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