September 4, 2019

September 4 
2 Kings 9
I have to say most of the real goings on of war would be rated at least R if they were seen at the movies!  Jehu did what the Lord commanded and of course the Word of the Lord is once again, as always, fulfilled.  
Lamentations 5
Sin brings absolutely nothing worth the sin itself.  Living God’s way keeps us in the Blessing!
Revelation 11
Are the two witnesses two people or Jewish (Israel) and Gentile (Church) Believers?  Are they Enoch and Elijah because they were taken before death?  There are many theological opinions on this one!  Just like our Lord, three days and the prophets will rise again by the HA (breath in Hawaiian) of God!  The Lord will reign and we who know Him will be with Him for all eternity!
Meditation & Apply: How can God not possibly be trusted when every single Word of His comes to pass?  I appreciate the grace of God that makes it easy to live for Him!  Just because I don’t know how and when exactly God’s Word reaches fulfillment, doesn’t mean I can’t completely trust Him!  His thoughts and ways are certainly higher than any human!  My God is a great news God!

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