November 15, 2019

November 15
Nehemiah 1-2 Hosea 12 Hebrews 7
  The Lord will use anyone who cries out to Him in seriousness, repents of sin and intercedes on behalf of others.  Nehemiah was a cupbearer (CUPBEARER, noun An attendant of a prince or at a feast, who conveys wine or other liquors to the guests; an officer of the kings household. Nehemiah 1:11.  Webster’s 1828 Dictionary).  Where God has me is never menial but always for His glory and plans!
In tough situations where I need favor, pray before I speak!  Know that the enemy hates all things that we choose to do concerning our God so never be surprised by him sticking his face in the business between me and God.  
The Lord lets us know what is to come through His prophetic Word.  I must pay attention to all!
The best response in meeting the Lord is starting with giving Him His tithe.  Though tithing is such a small amount and God doesn't really need it from me, it shows Him that I value Him more than money and stuff!  What an exciting thing to know that my first tithe was given by father Abraham!  Understanding the life and purpose of Melchizedek helps me understand the New Covenant through Yeshua Messiah, the One who Was, Is and Is to return.  

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maurine - November 17th, 2019 at 8:34pm

I love how Nehemiah was in position, doing his appointed duty, earning the trust and favor of the king. Then God could use him at a moment's notice.





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