November 19, 2019

November 19
Nehemiah 7, Joel 2, Hebrews 11
Apply Today: 

The Lord can work with many or few.  I can never look at numbers when it comes to doing what the Lord asks to be accomplished.  
I truly do believe that the day of the Lord is near.  I too Lord am jealous for Your land, Israel.  You are my Restorer of all good things.  It’s not just about me calling on the Name of the Lord but truly loving others enough to share the Good News with them.  
By Faith…
Thank You Holy Spirit for inspiring these verses of Scripture!  Because I have been cleansed by the blood, the avenger of death will pass over me and I will live with my Lord who did this for me, in Eternal Life Forever!  How can I ever truly express my gratitude to You Lord for “providing something better” for me?  And You never want pay-back, just having a relationship with me!

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Whitney McCarthy - November 20th, 2019 at 12:55am

Great perspective, the blood cleansing us to where we have life and not death, all for a relationship with Him. Wow, thank You Jesus for all you've done, a free gift, no strings attached.





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