Kona Faith Center Champion Classes

Twelve week classes are offered on Wednesday after Worship and Sunday before Morning Service. Call the church office for upcoming dates.

Matthew 28:19-20 (NKJV)
19  Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, immersing them into the reality of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,
20  teaching them to obey all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age." Amen.

Coaching Champions

Champion Classes are the small group settings formed around the basic biblical principles that every Christian needs operating in their lives to live the abundant life that Jesus came to give.

The goals for each Champion Class are:

  1. Experience The Holy Spirit,
  2. Build stronger family relationships, and
  3. Learn about a basic biblical principle and the application of that principle.

Kona Faith Center has 11 Core Champion Classes. They each build on the foundation of the previous Champion Classes so we like people to take them in order as much as possible. The following are the 11 Core Champion Classes in order.

Champion Foundation

Champion Foundation sets forth twelve Christian concepts that every Christian needs to know. The Word of God is our foundational principle upon which everything else is built. The application goal for Champion Foundation is everyone doing the Daily Bible Reading with an OHA Partner.

Champion Membership

Champion Membership lays out Kona Faith Center’s Purpose and Kona Faith Center’s Strategy to accomplish that Purpose. Champion Membership then introduces Kona Faith Center’s 18 Tenets of Faith. These 18 Tenets of Faith are the non-negotiable truths that Kona Faith Center holds. The application goal for Champion Membership is commitment to Kona Faith Center’s Purpose, Strategy, and Tenets of Faith.

Champion Community Builders

Champion Community Builders addresses the practical application of the Great Commission as expressed in our Core Conviction of Commitment to the Community of Believers. The application goal for Community Builders is for each person to have a practical starting place to reach others with the Good News of Jesus.

Champion Love

Champion Love is the core biblical principle because everything works because of and through God’s Love. The most important factor in walking in the abundant life that Jesus came to give is the understanding and receiving of God’s Love personally by a Christian. The application goal for Champion Love is for each person to understand and receive God’s Love to a greater capacity than ever before.

Champion Grace and Faith

Champion Grace and Faith explores the foundational biblical principle of the God/man partnership. Grace is God’s part and Faith is man’s part. This partnership is how God does everything in the Christian’s life and in the earth. The application goal for Grace and Faith is for each person to grow in accessing God’s Grace by Faith.

Champion Identity and Authority

Champion Identity and Authority investigates the foundational principle of who the Believer is In Him which gives the Believer Authority over all that God has given. What we do does not determine who we are, who we are, In Him, determines what we do. The application goal for Identity and Authority is for each person to take a step in the direction of who they are In Him and begin to use the Authority that comes from being In Him.

Champion Sowing and Reaping

Champion Sowing and Reaping digs into the foundational principle that the world was created with and operates on to this day. God is not mocked, a man will reap what he sows. The application goal for Sowing and Reaping is for each person to begin to set goals, start sowing to those goals and be in position to reap the harvest that God promises.

Mercy and Forgiveness

Champion Mercy and Forgiveness helps people receive God’s Mercy which enables them to extend Forgiveness to others. This principle is the key that unlocks everyone’s core issue and sets them free. The application goal for Mercy and Forgiveness is for each person to learn how to stay free from guilt, shame, and condemnation through receiving Mercy and to be introduced to the 5R process that is key to harmony in relationships.

Win The War

Win The War explores the process necessary to bring our thought lives under control, which is the major battle in life, and into agreement with The Mind of Christ. The application goal of Win the War is to help each person pinpoint where they are at in the process and how to proceed to the next step.

Champion Character

Champion Character is Christian Leadership 101. There are two sides to the leadership coin, leadership skills and leadership character. Developing leadership character will produce leadership skills. The application goal for Character is to focus each person on Christian character development.

The Champion’s Call

The Champion’s Call is a process designed to help people discover The Call of God to participation in the work of the ministry at Kona Faith Center. The application goal for The Call is for each person to take the next step towards their God given Call to the work of the ministry at Kona Faith Center.

Kona Faith Center offers 2 Champion Classes that do not have prerequisites.

Champion Overcomer

Champion Overcomer is a series of classes designed to help people overcome addictive behaviors. In Champion Overcomer, each class has a different application goal that moves a person from dependence on substances to dependence on Jesus.

Psalm 23

Psalm 23 is Kona Faith Center’s class that helps people walk through the grieving process without being swallowed up by their grief. The application goal for Psalm 23 is for each person to recognize and understand the grieving process so that hope is instilled to come through grief.

Kona Faith Center offers a number of Champion Classes designed to address critical issues that people deal with. There are the prerequisites of completing the Champion Foundation Class, the Champion Membership Class, and signing the Membership Agreement to take the following classes.

Champion Finance

Champion Finance is a basic class on how to bring your finances under control with a simple budgeting/planning process. The application goal for Finance is for each person to have a financial plan in place.

Champion Parenting

Champion Parenting addresses basic parenting issues from a practical, how to base. The application goal for Parenting is for each parent to develop a simple and effective parenting strategy for each of their children.

Champion Victory

Champion Victory is based on the books by Neal Anderson, Victory Over Darkness and Bondage Breaker. This class requires the reading of these books and has a half day seminar at the end of the class. The purpose of the Victory Class is to confront the issues that keep a person from complete freedom in Jesus. The application goal of Victory is to prepare each person to take The Seven Steps to Freedom in Christ and then walk them through it.

Champion Sniper Prayer

Champion Sniper Prayer is a corporate prayer strategy that focuses on a single target much like a sniper. The Sniper Prayer application goal is to train each person how to participate in the very effect prayer strategy on a team.

Champion Secret Place Prayer

Champion Secret Place Prayer explores the private prayer life of a Christian. It starts with the seven Prayer Principles found in The Lord’s Prayer and finishes with praying in the Holy Spirit. The Secret Place Payer application goal is for each person to develop a daily personal prayer life and for those who have a daily personal prayer life to deepen it.

Performing Arts

Kona Faith Center offers several Performing Arts classes depending on the season that introduce a particular performing art. The application goal for Performing Arts is to prepare for one of Kona Faith Center’s Celebration Services.

New classes are developed as the Spirit of the Lord leads.