May 8, 2018

May 8

Greetings from sunny Portland Oregon.  Yes sunny, Praise my God!  Great flight on Alaska Airlines.  Please be praying as we will visit my sister Sharon in a while and my niece Lena is driving up today.  Other than that, just will enjoy our time here.  Miss you all already!

Deuteronomy 25

Judges are to be just and not show favoritism or political views to please God.  This is a far cry from today’s society and judicial system, unfortunately.  I read an article yesterday that a priest molested over 100 children in Guam and though he pleaded guilty, he was not charged with anything and is free.  Lord, please allow for Christian, conservative, constitutionalists in the placement of judges in all of our courts.  No matter what, my God is merciful!

This is the why Boaz went before the prominent men in the community about marrying Ruth for there were no more brothers and the closest kinsman redeemer didn’t want to marry her, yet Boaz did.  This is also why Lord Yeshua is our Kinsman Redeemer, because no one else could redeem us!

God is just and to do business unjustly really displeases our God. 

Blotting out the Amalekites is an example of us having no more enemies rising up like terrorists do as they will be completely blotted out in heaven where they can do no harm to the people of God!

Song of Solomon 5

There is no one that can compare with the Lord God Almighty!

1 Timothy 6

Serving and honoring those in position over me is mandatory yet there must always be a willingness in my heart.  I think of people like Pastors George and Gail and Lonnie and Linda and others at FCF.  It is a delight and joy to honor them for without them where would we be? 

I hear these verses misquoted so often.  Money in and of itself is not evil.  It is the system we use in our society and is just a system of bartering.  I pay you this much and you give me thus and so.  It is the love of money or as it says in the CSB translation:

10 For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil, and by craving it, some have wandered away from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.

Fight the good fight means to me to live for my God 24/7 with perseverance and gladness, trusting Him no matter what things look like in the natural realm and instead seeing from His perspective.  Wealth comes from the Lord and the finances He blesses me with are yes, for my enjoyment after they are used for His glory!  Perspective, my dear Watson!  It all comes from Him and should first be used for His purposes!  It is vital to guard all the spiritual and natural gifts the Lord has imparted to me.

Meditation: God first in everything.

Application: Today I will visit my sister and my niece Lena will be driving up to Portland and staying here until we leave for Las Vegas.  My life is to exhibit the love, mercy and grace of God on them as the Lord has so freely given to me.