May 9, 2018

May 9

Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus, because the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has set you free from the law of sin and death.  Romans 8:1-2 CSB

 My heart is saddened seeing my sister in the nursing home but she is mentally much more stable than she was in the months previous which, is such a blessing.  I am so grateful.  We visited twice yesterday, first just PJ and me for several hours and then again with my niece and her friend.  We had a nice day and then met up with Erin and Hayden Grace who is almost 10.  She is a real cutie and after visiting my sister today, we will pick her up from school and have a big birthday bash for me and my two nieces who are also May babies.  There will be 7 of us I believe.  Afterwards we will all go visit Sharon again.  Hayden Grace will spend the night with us.  I am so grateful for my niece Stacy who has done such a wonderful work taking care of my sister.  Though we have talked and chatted, we will see each other tonight and Lena will still be with us.  Please pray for them as they need the Lord! 

Deuteronomy 26

Property is such a wonderful God-given inheritance!  God is always to get the first of everything to honor Him and show appreciation for His blessing.  Not only do we offer the choicest to the Lord but we are expected to care for the ministers, aliens, fatherless and widows.  There sure is a balance on the whole immigration thing, isn’t there?  My opinion which is my opinion is that immigrants should be welcome to the USA, but legally in accordance with the law of the land just like any other nation.  Reality is that my grandparents left the persecution in Russia to come to the US in 1912 but they did it legally.  All Americans in the states originally came that way except of course for the indigenous people.

Today, I certainly choose to keep the Lord’s commands with all my heart and soul because He has mightily blessed me. 

Song of Solomon 6

“I am my love’s and my love is mine”.  He is the Lord, my God!

2 Timothy 1

I am to remember my Believing brothers and sisters in prayer, often.  I do long to see those that I see infrequently and even some I won’t get to be with until we are all heaven bound.  I have been blessed with so many wonderful brothers and sisters in the faith, not only at home, but around the globe!  It brings such joy to know people of like faith!  Our gifts and faith must remain kindled and used daily for God’s glory.  Thank You Lord that I have no fear, just Your power, love and soundness of judgment (mind)!  How could I ever be ashamed of the Gospel with all You have done for me?  My works did nothing to obtain Your blessing, it has all been You, my God!  I love You so much Lord!  My faith and love are to be patterned after the faith and love that is in my Lord Yeshua.  Without His grace it would be impossible BUT GOD!  There will be deserters from the faith along the way but though my heart is sad when that happens, the joy of my Lord is truly my strength! 

Meditation: Why would I not want to offer God my first and best in all things?  You, Lord, have done everything good for me, giving me the best of the best!  Love God with all He has given me and love those He places around me as the Lord Yeshua has loved me.

Application: Use this love today again toward my family.