September 9, 2018

September 9

Older men are to be self-controlled, worthy of respect, sensible, and sound in faith, love, and endurance.  Titus 2:2 CSB

I found this to be an interesting scripture for a women's OHA (open, honest, accountable) blog for the ladies of Kona Faith Center and others who read this.  But, what came to mind is my widowed and still single friends who would like to remarry or marry and how important it is that they will only marry someone with the character traits as described in this short scripture from Titus.

2 Kings 15

The Word of the Lord said…and it was so.

All I can think of is that we think we have political issues with many corrupt leaders but these people were evil beyond measure for the most part!  Even the good kings never tore down the illegitimate places of worship and idolatry.

Ezekiel 5

I sure don’t ever want to know the wrath of God and it is imperative that I continue as His ambassador sharing the Gospel with whoever will listen! 

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